About Us

Established in 1999, IMPACT Communications Australia is an award-winning PR agency based in Sydney.

IMPACT’s expertise and ability to support our client’s businesses lies in our three pillars of strength – THINK, CREATE, REACH.

We think strategically to develop strong campaigns, we create unique content that tells compelling stories; then amplify that content to reach and influence target audiences.

Underpinning this philosophy are the cornerstones of the business; results-focus, client accountability and a commitment to open, honest business dealings.

IMPACT is the Australian and New Zealand representative of ECCO International Communications, a network of 35 independently-owned PR agencies in 40 countries.

As members of the PRIA’s Registered Consultancy Group, IMPACT adheres to its Code of Ethics and Code of Practice.

Our accolades across Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and in the United States include:


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